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The company sets its goals in the world of packaging machinery, namely stretch wrappers for palletized loads, both fully automatic and semiautomatic. PACKAGING

To differentiate us from others in the sector "PACK", a brand new "EAR-FLAP" was registered for the entire European Union.

Why EAR FLAP? Is that a suitable name for a machinery company? How do you like calling a computer apple? Obviously, the name EAR FLAP deserves an explanation.

When thinking of the wrappers' design, the idea was to make them different from the rest. How to do that?

The most visible part of a wrapper is its mast; it may be square, triangular or rectangular, with sharp or soft edges. But there were already in the market. Then, we had the vision…



We would make the mast with this section and, curiously enough, while searching for a name, a sheet of paper covered half the image and in a funny way it looked like Mickey Mouse with its big ears. From here to EAR FLAP was a short step.