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Our team

EAR-FLAP® GROUP performs mechanical design, manufacture and programming of its machines, both single machines as projects "turnkey".


Boilermaking area

It is responsible for shaping metal based on the design together with the collaboration of painting workshops and centers that complete the manufacturing process and machining chassis. Our managers of workshop and quality control supervise that the result meets the usual quality standards in the brand.

Commercial area

The commercial area aims to handle inquiries from all our customers. With a strategic presence in over 40 countries and approximately 600 employees between distributors, sales representatives and engineers, EAR-FLAP® GROUP becomes a global company and a reference in terms of packaging solutions is concerned.

Design area

It is responsible for developing and designing machines, product industrialization projects and, in particular, automation of industrial processes. EAR-FLAP GROUP meets the targets set by the customer optimizing investment levels and with a company policy based on innovation and reduction of production costs.


Electrical assembly area

It is responsible for designing and assembling electrical panels of each of our machines. We maximize the benefits of the solutions in the facilities of our customers through our own customized design.

Aftersales area

Aftersales area attends requests for spare parts and maintenance services. We have a department divided into three zones worldwide (Spain, Central Europe and America) with specialized staff that allows us to offer a fast and efficient service.

Production area

Focuses its efforts in assembling the equipment giving the final shape to the facility or project. Thanks to the use of materials from leading brands and a refined production process, our machines require less maintenance and its durability is above sector average.


Programming area

Develops specific software for each model or system. Custom development and design allow solutions adapted to the characteristics of each solution and customer and offer different languages and interface designs.