BPP 500

Automatic case packer

The BPP series is the fusion of three machines in one:

1. Automatic case former
2. Inserting system (pick and place or robot)
3. Automatic case sealer

Standard machine

Output (depending on carton dimensions): Up to 8 cartons/min.

Bottom flaps sealing: Adhesive tape (50 to 75 mm).

Manual size adjustment

Controlled by PLC

Control panel with LCD color touch screen

Filling with servomotor of 2, 3 or 4 shafts (according to product)

Multifunction gripper (according to product)

Infeed motorized band

Electric power: based on the country od festilation

Installed power: 4Kw.

Air pressure: 6 bar.

Carton specifications

Type: RSC. HSC, FEFCO 0201.

Lenght: 300 – 530 mm.

Width: 165 – 310 mm.

Height: 150 – 500 mm.

It is not possible to combine all the maximum dimensions

Other dimensions on demand (It can add an extra cost)

Casepacker in operation