Ear Flap was created
in 2001

The company was directly related to the world of packaging machinery and specifically with automatic and semi-automatic palletized load wrappers.

A new brand called EAR FLAP was registered for the entire European Union to differentiate us from the “pack” sector.

Why Ear Flap? That is an appropriate name for a machinery company? And how about calling a computer APPLE? Obviously calling it Ear Flap has an explanation.

When the wrappers were designed, they thought about differentiating them from the rest. How do we do it?

The most visible parts of the wrappers is the column… we can make it square, triangular or rectangular, with sharp or rounded edges, but these shapes already exist on the market. Then we had…


We would manufacture the machines with that profile, and while looking for a name, a sheet of paper covered half the image, and it resembled the profile of Mickey Mouse with his ears. From ears to earmuffs and from EAR to EAR FLAP.


First steps

We attended the first event as a brand at Hispack 2003. We would lay the foundations for the future brand image.

Ear Flap stand at Hispack 2003


Growthand expansion

At Hispack 2006 Ear Flap presents a brand-new corporate logo. Also, at this expo we introduced the expansion of the product range.

Ear Flap stand at Hispack 2006



The company begins to export to France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and England.



National benchmark

Ear Flap Continues to add products to its catalogue. Self-made case formers and sealers are added to a new industrial division called EF-PACK.

Ear Flap stand at Hispack 2012 


New delegations

Exports begin to play a leading role. We establish delegations in France, Netherlands and Mexico. We started manufacturing Wrap Around systems.

Wrap Around system



With presence in more than 70 countries we expose in the most important fair on Germany. We introduced the new case packers. We create a new industrial section called EF-Systems.

Ear Flap stand at Interpack 2014


New Chinese factory

We sign a collaboration for the manufacturing of long series for small systems.

Asian factory


International reference

A solid and successful international career allows us to exhibit as a GOLD PARTNER at Hispack, showing our diversity of end-of-line solutions.

Ear Flap stand at Hispack 2015


Business Group

We become a business group. We create EF-Handling, now the circle of complete system manufacturing is closed. All packaging solutions in one brand.

On April 18, 2016 Ear Flap Group moved its headquarters to Bigues i Riells in an industrial facility of 7000m2

All 4 industrial divisions together.


New Mexican Headquarters

Ear Flap Group opens a new headquarters in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

The expansion of the Spanish brand in the American continent continues.

New facilities in Mexico.


We went to Pack Expo

We announce our first presence at Pack Expo International. In this expo Ear Flap Group shows its systems in the American market.

Meeting at Pack Expo 2016



Ear Flap Group presents at Interpack 2017 the revolution of the packaging industry 4.0 with ROBMOV, the intelligent Autonomous Vehicle.



Ear Flap France SAS

Ear Flap Group expands in France with the creation of a subsidiary that will be part of the group taking charge of sales and machinery installation in France.

Semi-automatic warehouse


Specialist in large lines

We specialize in projects for large production lines and make projects for great brands that need to automate their finishing lines. The R+D+I department grows.

Technical office


Ear Flap changes corporate logo

The image that accompanied the company for many years change to adapt to the new era of the company.

Robot project


Ear Flap is integrated into LIMSA

The company joins the business group to provide support in the machinery and automation section.

Packaging line

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