Packaging solutions that suit the needs of your company

Caja de cartón con solapas superiores abiertas

Automatic Forming systems

Systems that make boxes or trays from cardboard.
Also inserted and sealed of bags.

Case forming with an automatic case erector or an anthropomorphic robot.

Automatic tray formers for up to 25 trays / min.

Automatic bag inserter from a coil of tubular film and bag sealer or folder.

Case Packer systems

All in one systems for forming, pick and place filling and sealing boxes.

For productions up to 8 cases / min.

For productions up to 8 cases / min. and large format boxes

Automatic carton packer systems

Automatic in-line picking systems, customizable to production and product.

A combination of the automatic case forming, filling and sealing all in one.

Integrate anthropomorphic or delta robots to work with all kind of products.

Cobots with an integrated vision system, integrating hardware and software in friendly technology system. 

System where the carton wraps the formation of the product.

Automatic Palletizer systems

Automatic systems for palletizing and wrapping loads in line.

Palletizing of loads using a cartesian axle system for medium and low production

Fully customizable anthropomorphic palletizer.

Film-wrapper for palletized loads. For productions up to 40 pallets / hour. 

Film-wrapper for palletized loads with rotary arm. For productions up to 70 pallets / hour.

Film-wrapper for palletized loads with rotary ring. For productions up to 100 pallets / hour.

Complete solutions

Integration of solutions in production and finishing lines. Custom projects.

We design, produce, integrate and install completely automatic lines for any sector.

We are in constant evolution in the design, development and manufacturing of picking, palletizing and wrapping systems.

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