Automatic wrap around case packer

Modular assembly structure, built in painted iron or stainless steel AISI 304. The box is formed by a descender with platform – suction cup, guided mechanically. The descender is controlled by a frequency converter, allowing a proper fit in the process of descendent and formation of the box.
The descender is controlled by an encoder that gives precision at all stops. When the product is being formed and grouped, the carton is positioned to receive it, the lift is operated and the descent is done.
The cardboard wraps the entire product formation and, once it has reached the lower zone, it is positioned between the pusher blades translation carousel, also controlled by a frequency converter.

Standard machine

Case forming with an automatic group of the product

Straight infeed of the product in the line or at 90 degrees with speed regulation by an inverter

Infeed of the product in line or in multiple lines

Color touch screen

Carton magazine with a fixed height and with a motorized belt

Magazine carton capacity: from 300 to 500 units depending on the format and the quality

Carton takes by an oscillating arm with suction cups

Carton forming group controlled by an inverter and an encoder, with automatic adjustment of the carton depth

Motorizes side hot-melt glue gun, also controlled by an inverter and encoder

4 fixes linear points to apply the hot melt

Pneumatically internal side flaps closing

Pneumatically external flaps and box square 

50 different work cycles can be saved

Production; up to 25 boxes/min depending on the format and the product

Standard machine variations

Stainless Steel 304

Product grouping rails

Other colors on request (it can add an extra cost)