BIM 800

Automatic bag inserter machine.
Contrary insertion.

Suitable for different sectors, such as: food, electronic products, stationery, plastic products, beverages etc.
From a tubular film roll, suction cups pick up the end of the film and form the bag while the welding bar seals and cuts the bag.
This machine has an inverted insertion. The bag is inserted into the outside part of the box top flaps and by a blowing system the bag is pressed against the interior walls and bottom the box.
The box is ready to be filled.

Standard machine

Carton feed speed: 8-10 barons/minute

Film size: 460-840 mm

Touch screen LCD

Power source: 220V (Customizable)

Air pressure: 5 Kg./cm2

Acceptable dimensions

Complete carton: L (200-400) x W (200-300) x H (150-250) mm.

Film lenght equation: Carton: L + W + 140 mm = Width of film roll

Inserting process

With a tubular coil the process follows the following steps.

BIM 800 system in operation