BSM 900

Automatic bag sealer

Bag sealer suitable for those sectors that have a high- need of hygiene, such as: frozen products, prepared meals, agricultural products, oil and so on.
The box filled with the product enters into the machine and some guides pick up and lift the bag. Then a clamp puts together the sides of the bag and presses them. To complete the process a sealing clamp seals the bag longitudinally.
After the process, the box is ready to be closed completely.
This is a smoke-free sealing system to ensure a clean working environment. 

Standard machine

Packaging capacity: 8-10 cartons/minute

Sealing dimensions: 1000 mm 

Touch screen LCD

Power source: 220V (Customizable)


Bag size: 460 – 840 mm 

Film length equation:

Housing: L + W + 140 mm = Length of film required

Sealed process

With a tubular coil the process follows the following steps.

BSM900 system in operation