Automatic box palletizer

Formed by a four-column support structure where a gripper moves in the three cartesian axis (x,z,y) with the possibility, according to the mosaic, of rotating around the vertical axis.

The tool is custom designed depending on material, dimensions and weight of the product, with suction cups, tweezers or other systems for handling objects of different sizes and shapes to the place them in different 
positions, making a mosaic on the pallet. 

Standard machine

3-axis numerical control

Fourth axis with 90º or 180º rotation

Motorized roller conveyor or motorized belt, built-in production input.

Metal grid protections

Servomotors for axis drive

Standard machine variations

Automatic pallet dispenser / magazine

Interlayer liner cardboard magazine

Different types of products holding claw

Manufacture in INOX

Load dimensions: Heights and dimensions according to needs

Weights of the load to be handled according to needs

Pallet entry and exit with roller conveyor

Photoelectric intangible barrier instead of doors

RPE100 system in function

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