Semiautomatic single
format case sealer.

Reinforced metal basic structure with a la lower sealing head inserted on a section of metal rollers attached to a metal bridge that supports the upper sealing head.
The boxes already formed are taken by a system of belts that transport them through the machine for a quick closing of the lower and upper flaps, leaving the box formed and sealed.
Height and width adjustment is done manually.
Equipment specially designed for boxes with bulky products inside.

Standard machine

Upper and lower belt dragging with independent motors.

Top and bottom carton sealing

Weight 140 Kg.

Adjustable working height from 570 mm. to 800 mm.

Adjustable tape tension

Interchangeable taping head that allows using tape from 48 mm to 72 mm width

Metal rollers for the transportation of carton

Adjustable top guides to keep flaps squared while sealing

Hand wheel adjustment of carton width and height

Emergency stop on the top taping head for quick access.

Carton boxes

Type: RSC o B1

Lenght: from 100 to ∞ mm.

Width: 150 to 570 mm.

Height: 120 to 490 mm

Other dimensions on demand (it can add an extra cost)

Standard machine variations

Stainless steel AISI 304

3-flaps folder (just in model P15)

Flap holder (for bottom flaps)

Infeed/outfeed free rollers conveyor 500 mm length

Infeed/outfeed free rollers conveyor 1000 mm length

Extensible free wheels outfield conveyor from 1,2 m to 4,8 m

Extensible conveyor connector

Other colors on request (it can add an extra cost)

Possibility of custom made with special dimensions

Possibility of models with upper and lower engines

Possibility of models for low height boxes

Other case sealer machine options

Up to 25 meters/minute

Up to 25 meters/minute

Up to 25 meters/minute

Up to 25 meters/minute

Up to 25 meters/minute