Automatic case sealer single format

Reinforced metal basic structure with a lower sealing head inserted on a section of metal rollers attached to a metal bridge that supports the upper sealing head.The boxes already formed are taken by a system of belts that transport them through the machine for a quick closing of the lower and upper flaps, leaving the box formed and sealed.
Height and width adjustment is done manually.

Standard machine

Production variable according to carton format

Dimensional adjustment: manual

Carton sealing top and bottom

Carton dragging by side belts with independent engines

Adjusting working height from 570 mm to 800 mm

An interchangeable taping head which allows using tape from 48 to 72 mm width 

Carton boxes

Type: RSC or B1

Length: 150/400 – 700 mm.

Width: 115 – 510 mm.

Height: 150 – 500 mm

The maximum length of the box will depend on its width, its maximum length being 700 mm with 115 mm wide boxes and 400 mm. with 510 mm wide boxes.

Other dimension on request (it can add an extra cost)

Standard machines variations

Stainless steel AISI 304

Carton sealing top and/or bottom with Hot Melt

Tape end detector with alarm

Automatic dimensional adjustment

Conveyors of free rollers indeed/outfeed of different lengths

Motorized conveyors (rollers or bands) infeed/outfeed of different lengths

Other colors on request (it can add an extra cost)

Other case sealer options

Up to 25 meters/minute

Up to 25 meters/minute

Up to 25 meters/minute

Up to 25 meters/minute

Up to 25 meters/minute

P35 system in operation