Automatic case sealer
for random format

Metal basic structure reinforced with a lower sealing head inserted in a section of metal rollers that is in turn attached to a metallic bridge that supports the upper sealing head. Formed boxes are taken by a belt system which conveys longitudinally through the machine for fast closing lower and upper flaps.
After that the box is formed and sealed.
The adjustment in height and width is automatic.


Standard machine

Variable production according to carton format

Automatic dimensional adjustment

Carton sealing top and bottom

Carton dragging by side belts with independent engines

Adjusting working height from 570 to 800 mm

Carton boxes

Type: RSC or B1

Length: 250 – 500 mm.

Width: 210 – 450 mm.

Height: 200 – 400 mm

Other dimensions on request (it can add an extra cost)

Standard machine variations

Stainless steel AISI 304

Carton sealing top and/or bottom, with hot melt

Tape end detector with alarm

Automatic dimensional adjustment

Motorized conveyors (roller or bands) infeed/outfeed of different lenghts

Other colors on request (it can add an extra cost)


Other case sealer machine options

Up to 25 meters/minute

Up to 25 meters/minute

Up to 25 meters/minute

Up to 25 meters/minute

Up to 25 meters/minute

P45 system in operation

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