RRM6500 Model

Automatic rotary ring wrapper

The pallet is introduced into the ring radius. The ring will start its rotation at the selected speed according to the kind of wrap selected.This model of wrappers does not need the presence of operators at the end of the cycle.In this model the input, positioning and output of the pallet is automatic, with the necessary interconnections with conveyors and other machines of the automated line.

Máquina estándar

Powered pre-stretch carriage 300% with electronic settings

Load height detection by photocell (Optional: detection by ultrasounds for black loads)

Soft start with indexed stop and SCHNEIDER speed inverter

3ALL feature: clamping, cutting and dolly heat sealing

Wrapping cycles counter

Independently adjustable top and bottom reinforcement wraps

Light and sound indicators for functioning signals and alarms

Controlled by PLC SIEMENS

Panel control with touch screen 

Output: up to +- 90 pallets/hour (variable depending on the characteristics of the load, number of wraps etc.)

10 customizable programs, starting, upper and final wraps, overlapping lapse, roping, etc.

Standard machine variations

Roping system to reinforce the load with independently adjustable

Main powered rollers conveyor

1.800 mm height safety fences with access door and anti-intrusion photocells for load infeed and outfeed with muting.

Pallets lift table to wrap the load with the pallet

3ALL System features

Thanks to this system, the 3 independent external mechanical elements are replaced and integrated into just one single unit, which performs the same 3 functions: clamping, cutting, and dolly heat sealing.

Also, a rope in the film is made in the final stage, which allows the heat sealing of any kind of film (stretchable, micro perforated, etc.) and with any thickness, thus avoiding the loose tail of film which appears without this system.

This system also avoids its mechanical maintenance, as it does not have any obstacles.

No minimum wrapping height required

Thanks to the combination of the different features in the 3ALL system, there is no minimum load height required too wrap the complete pallet down yo the bottom deck board.

Other wrapper options

Up to 20 pallets/hour

Up to 20 pallets/hour

Up to 15 pallets/hour

Up to 15 pallets/hour

Up to 50 pallets/hour

Up to 90 pallets/hour

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