Model 800 e

Semiautomatic mobile wrapper with forklift and rotary arm

The 800 e Series is a mobile semi-automatic wrapper system coupled to an electric motorized forklift.

The independent rotary arm wrapper system is coupled to the electric forklift.

Semi-automatic wrappers or balers: they detect the height of the pallet, carrying out an optimized wrapping process compared to manual wrapping. At the end of the cycle they require the presence of the operator to cut the film and remove the pallet. The load to be wrapped is introduced into the pallet truck within the turning radius of the arm.

The arm will start its rotation, at the speed selected according to the type of wrapping chosen. The arm will continue to rotate throughout the cycle until the final point where the film is manually cut.

Standard machine

Battery capacity: up to 100 pallets/shift, depending on the size of the load and according to the cycle

Motorized reel carrier carriage with speed variator

Photocell for automatic detection of the height of the load

Adjustable mechanical brake

Progressive start and stop with stop in position and variable speed drive

4 Wrapping Cycles: Simple / Double / Double-plus / Complete

Wrapping cycle counter

Independently adjustable upper & lower reinforcement laps

Battery charge indicator

START/STOP light signal

Controlled by SIEMENS PLC with LCD touch screen

Contact safety system: stops the arm of the baler in case of contact with an obstacle

Performance monitoring and diagnostics CBL (Control Battery Life)

Variations to the standard machine

Possibility of other heights

Possibility of custom configurations

Custom manufacturing

The best film for your EARFLAP stretch wrapper

The EF/Force range guarantees you the best result in your wrapper whatever the load to be baled.

High-end transparent film specially indicated for machines with pre-stretch of up to 400%. With a micronage and special characteristics for every need. From 100 to 210 microns

Guía para escoger film (Guide to choose film – in Spanish) 

Consult your EARFLAP sales representative to find out more about the ideal EF/FORCE film for your wrapper.

Other options

Hasta 20 palets/hora

Hasta 15 palets/hora

Hasta 15 palets/hora

Hasta 50 palets/hora

Hasta 90 palets/hora

Hasta 120 palets/hora

800 e on duty