700 model

Semiautomatic pallet wrapper
with rotary arm

Semiautomatic wrapping machines. Detect the height of the pallet making an optimized wrapping process.
At the end of the cycle, they require the presence of the operator to cut the film and remove the pallet.
The pallet is introduced into the arm radius. The arm will start its turn at the selected speed according to the kind of wrap selected.
At the end of the cycle the presence of an operator is required to cut the film and remove the pallet.

Standard machine technical features

Production up to 20 pallets/hour, depending on the operation and the characteristics of the load

Powered film carriage on the rotary arm frequency inverter

Powered pre-stretch 300%

Automatic load height detection by photocell

Soft start/stop with stop in position and SCHNEIDER frequency inverter

4 wrapping cycles: simple / double / double plus / complete 

Wrapping cycles counter

Top and bottom reinforcement wrap independently adjustable

Controlled by SIEMENS PLC with LCD touch screen

Ergonomic control panel

Standard machine variations

Black loads detection by ultrasounds

Stainless steel 304

Explosive atmospheres ATEX

Sub-zero temperatures down to -3ºC

Special heights

Different pre-stretch ratios 150%, 200%, 300% or 400%

Safety fences and muting barriers

Complete customization

Other stretch wrapper machines

Up to 20 pallets/hour

Up to 15 pallets/hour

Up to 15 pallets/hour

Up to 50 pallets/hour

Up to 90 pallets/hour

Up to 120 pallets/hour

700 model in operation