200 Model

Machinery for wrapping palletized loads with stretch film.

Semiautomatic wrapping machines. Detect the height of the pallet making an optimized wrapping process. At the end of the cycle, they require the presence of the operator to cut the film and remove the pallet.
The pallet is introduced into the turntable. The platform will start its turn at the selected speed according to the kind of wrap selected. At the end of the cycle the presence of an operator is required to cut the film and remove the pallet.

Standard machinery

Ear Flap Profile

Hinged mast

Powered film carriage with variable speed, placed sidewise

Adjustable mechanical film brake with foot trapping detector

Automatic load height detection by photocell

Turntable dimensions: Ø 1.650 mm, 10 mm thick plate

Soft start/stop by Scheneider frequency inverter with a return to starting position

4 wrapping programs: Single/Cross-wrap/Cross-plus/Full

Wrapping cycles counter

Independently adjustable top & bottom reinforcement wraps

SIEMENS PLC controlled, with display control panel

Independent ascent and descent carriage speed for film saving

Reinforcement wraps at any point in the circle

Ergonomically designed control

Variable production depending on the operator and the characteristics of the load


1. Turntable accessing ramp 

2. Embedding frame

3. Scale with display 

4. Direct film brake

5. Mechanical film brake (standard) 

6. Electromagnetic brake 

7. Powered pre-stretch film 300%

8. Twin film holder

9. Powered top platen 

10. Powered top platen for flat loads

Variaciones a la máquina estándar

Ultrasonic detector for black loads

Stainless steel 304

ATEX explosive environments

Environments up to -30º

Special heights

Special platforms

Ramps and hoists for cargo loading with stackers

Different pre-stretch ratios 150%, 200%, 300% or 400%

Carriages for 750 mm. to 1.000 mmm height film

PLC extended up to 10 programs

Specialists in equipment for work in an explosive atmosphere.

We offer the possibility of designing and manufacturing machinery to comply with ATEX certificate.

Logotipo ATEX

Other turntable options

Up to 20 pallets/hour

Up to 10 pallets/hour

Up to 15 pallets/hour

Up to 20 pallets/hour

Up to 35 pallets/hour

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