TRM500 Model

Automatic turntable wrapper machine

Automatic wrapping system based on a a platform that rotates concentrically with the pallet. This model of wrappers does not need the presence of operators at the end of the cycle.
In this model the input, positioning and output of the pallet is automatic, with the necessary interconnections with conveyors and other machines of the automated line.

Standard Machine

EAR DLAP profile

Powered film carriage with variable speed, placed sidewise

Powered pre-stretch 300% with foot trapping detector

Automatic load height detection by photocell

Soft start/stop by SCHENEIDER frequency inverter with a return to starting position

Pneumatic clamp to hold film before the wrapping cycle

Automatic film cutting arm

Turntable with motorized rollers conveyor

Turntable with motorized 3 chains conveyor (optional) 

Wrapping cycles counter

Reinforcement wraps at any point in the cycle

Controlled by PLC SIEMENS

HMI touch screen 

Up to 20 pallets/hour (variable output depending on the load features, number of wraps, etc.)

10 Programs customizable by the user 

Standard machine variations

Powered pre-stretch 300%

Blowers initial film

Pneumatic clamp to hold the film

Automatic film cutting arm

Heat welding of direct contact to the load

Special environments (ATEX, corrosive or -0º)

Powered top platen

Top sheet dispenser TDM 1800

Other turntable wrapper options

Up to 20 pallets/hour

Up to 20 pallets/hour

Up to 10 pallets/hour

Up to 15 pallets/hour

Up to 35 pallets/hour

TRM500 in operation