Semiautomatic case former

The unfolded boxes are placed vertically guiding the lower flaps through a wedge system installed at the base of the machine.
One placed in position by manual operation, the lower flaps are folded, holding the box for filling.
Once the box is filled, a piston is activated by a button to push the box towards the machine for the subsequent closing.
We recommends placing a case sealer afterwards. 

Standard machine

Variable production depending on carton format

Dimensional adjustment: Manual 

Bottom flaps folding

Air pressure: 6 bar.

Carton boxes

Type: RSC or B1

Lenght: 200 to 600 mm.

Width: 185 to 480 mm.

Height: 120 to ∞ mm

Other dimensions on requests (can add an extra cost)

Standard machine variations

Stainless steel 304 option

Possibility of “machine à la carte” with special dimensions

Possibility of adapting to forming + sealing line.

Another case former options

Up to 15 cases/minute

Up to 15 cases/minute

Up to 16 cases/minute

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