Automatic case former

The basic structure consists of a magazine for folded boxes, a system to open them, close the lower flaps and seal the bottom. Then deliver the box assembled with the bottom closed and ready to introduce products vertically.
The folded boxes located in the machine’s warehouse are taken by a vacuum suction cup system that opens them and places them in the forming position.
The boxes are transported through the machine for a quick sealed of the bottom flaps.

Standard machine

Variable production depending on carton format up to 6 boxes/min

Dimension adjustment: Manual

Bottom flaps folding

Air pressure: 6 bar.

PLC control system

Touch screen LCD

Bottom flaps closing with adhesive tape 

Tape end detector with alarm

Electric power 220 V 50 Hz

Installed Power 0,5 Kw

Pneumatic installation: 6 bar.

Weight 400 Kg.

Carton boxes

Type: RSC, B1

Length: 350 to 790 mm.  XL MODEL: 500 to 850 mm.

Width: 250 to 400 mm. XL MODEL: 200 to 650 mm.

Height: 225 to 600 mm.  XL MODEL: 210 to 500 mm.

It is not possible to combine all ten maximum dimensions

Other dimensions on demand (it can add an extra cost)

Standard machine variations

Stainless steel 304

Bottom flaps closing with Hot Melt

Flaps opener for automatic filling

Automatic dimensional adjustment

Motorized horizontal cases magazine

Other colors on demand (it can add an extra cost)

Other case former options

Up to 5 cases/minute

Up to 15 cases/minute

Up to 16 cases/minute

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